Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simplifying Goal Creation Is Our New Goal

One of the things we are currently working on is improving the UI (user interface) for the home screen so that using the system is more intuitive.  We have received feedback from several Beta testers that site is difficult to use.  We the creators know the site like the back of our hands but we overlook the fact that a lot of people that are coming on to the site for the first time might not think so.  We want to focus on goals, so there are several things we can do.  We could relocate the tabs bar to the top or have a big entry bar for people to enter goals or just put the tabs in different sections on the page.  We have a lot of options right now but it's going to take some time. 

Also we are making Facebook friend invites a bit easier to use and less laggy.  During testing, the Facebook accounts we used did not have over 200 friends and the system acted fine but now during Beta we are seeing a lot of users with over 500 friends.  We now verified that the Facebook friend invite becomes laggy and unresponsive with Facebook accounts with over 500 friends.   No worries, that is also something we are working on. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Statistics For Beta So Far

It's only been three days so far but so far things are looking good! :)

Below is our Unique Visitors chart from Google Analytics, Oct 25-to Oct 31 was one week prior to us opening for Beta and since opening on November 1st, our Unique Visitors traffic has pretty much doubled everyday.  I don't know how long this can last but its very exciting! 

The next chart shows the pageviews below before and after Beta.  Very big difference as well and has been climbing. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In Response to Facebook Deals

Today Facebook announced Facebook Deals which will allow businesses to post up deals for people who checkin.  Facebook is offering this service for free, here is more details about it: Link.

My first thought is that Dennis Crowley's arrogance cost him $125 million....he could have sold Foursquare to FB earlier this year but instead decided to hold out and now he is going to get crushed.  Not only him but all the other location-based apps such as Gowalla, Loopt, MyTown, SCVNGR.  Remember a few months ago when Facebook announced Facebook Places and they said they weren't here to crush the location based apps, well who would have saw this coming right(sarcasm)?

But does anyone else think that FB is trying to hard to crush the competition? They recently updated their photos app to crush Flickr and now Deals which is going after all the location-based apps and Groupons.  Seriously who wants to pay for Groupons or any of the location-based apps when its free on Facebook?

I personally think this whole scenario is possible because tech start ups stopped innovating, companies rather create FB apps then go up against them.  While this is happening FB gets bigger and bigger and crushes all the smaller guys. This is the reason why my friends and I decided to create a new type of social network, focused on people who are adventurous, people who want to be social off the computer, people who wants to improve themselves thru creating goals.
MyLifeRank.com doesn't have the expectations of ever overtaking FB, but we believe it’s about time someone tried to make something unique and not another FB app.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Beta now open, it's been such an exciting day! But we are only getting started....

We opened our Beta today and we had a great number of signups and we have a feeling signups will quickly fill up soon! :)  It's been very exciting from all of us at MyLifeRank, watching people sign up and seeing what we have blogged, tweeted and emailed about for the last few months. 

Remember this is still in Beta stage so there will be a few little bugs we still need to hammer out but for the most part we haven't had much complaints.  So join today and test out the site and tell all your friends!  Let us know how you feel with our Feedback button and feel free to add George T, Milos G, Dylan R as a friend on MyLifeRank! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 More Days Until Beta....also signed up for Indiegogo

Wow, it's getting really close to BETA time :) We are wrapping up our Token feature so that it integrates with our gaming system; we feel it will add another layer to competition and enjoyment for people. In addition, Tokens will play into our bigger plan down the road with businesses but we'll get into that later.
Everyone who signed up for the beta on the front page will be emailed on November 1st to register and they will have first priority, everyone else will be first come first serve. The video previews I have up are kind of outdated now especially the How-to use one.  Many things have changed, so I will be posting up a new one probably a day before Beta opens. There will be a help guide also within MyLifeRank that shows how to use all the features as well.

Last thing is we just put MyLifeRank on Indiegogo.com which allows users to contribute if they feel strongly about MyLifeRank.  For those interested, the link is here http://bit.ly/ceQShV

Monday, October 25, 2010

One more week until Beta testing!

Only one more week to wait until beta testing (November 1st), make sure you grab a spot on on front page if you haven't already.  We are trying to wrap up all the features and we been networking with social media experts and social media publications to help us spread the word.  The first article written about MyLifeRank was published today by Anne of Flyover Geeks.  Take a look here: ARTICLE.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MyLifeRank Search Engine Preview

This is a video preview of the Search Engine of MyLifeRank!  For a bigger video check it out here.